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How To Help Children Get Over A Fear Of Cremation Services In Corvallis, OR

If you are planning cremation services for a loved one or if you would are going to be attending the cremation of a loved one, you want to make sure your family is ready for it. If you have children, they may have a fear of cremation services in Corvallis, OR. Many children and even adults are scared of cremation services and this can prevent them from being able to attend the services and pay their respects. Here are some tips to help your children get over their fear of cremation services.

Ask Questions

It’s important to talk to your children to find out what it is they are scared of. They may not know the reason for their fear or may not be able to explain it or they may be able to tell you what it is about cremation services that scares them. When you know what bothers your child, you can take the right steps towards helping to fix their fear. Even if they can’t tell you what scares them, you will still have an idea about their fear.

Be Present

Sometimes it’s easier for your child to deal with their fear if they know you are there for them. You should reassure your child that they have nothing to be scared of but if they do get scared during the cremation services, all they have to do is let you know. Tell them you will stay by their side and make sure they are safe and do not feel scared. Your child may still feel scared to attend the services but may feel better when they know you are there to help them get through it.

Get Professional Help

child griefIf you aren’t sure if you can help your child get over their fear of death or cremation on your own, you may want to find a professional who can help you. An experienced therapist may be able to help your child understand their fear and be able to overcome it on their own. They can also come up with different treatments and therapies that can help your child realize that they have no reason to fear cremation. You can find a therapist online or you can meet with the therapist in person. You can also do both to find the best option for your child.


If you have a child who has a fear of cremation, you may be trying to help them overcome it. You can use the above suggestions, or you can come up with other ways to help them overcome their fear. A fear of cremation means they may not be able to attend cremation services. Once your child is able to overcome their fear, they will be able to attend services more easily. If you are ready to plan cremation services in Corvallis, OR, be sure to reach out to the AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your cremation planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.