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DIY Sympathy Gift Ideas For Funeral Homes In Lebanon, OR

If you are planning to attend a funeral at funerals home in Lebanon, OR you may also be thinking about sending a sympathy gift to the family of the deceased. There are many gifts you can choose to send to the family and most of them can be ordered from your local florist. Some people want to send gifts that you can’t buy from the florist or that are more personal. You always have the option to make the sympathy gifts yourself. If you are thinking about making your own gifts, keep some of these options in mind.

Flower Arrangements

One of the more popular sympathy gifts to send to funeral homes are flowers. You can buy flowers from the florist and have them delivered to the funeral home or cemetery. When the service is over, the flower can be left at the cemetery as a decoration for the grave or they can be sent home with the family. If you want to make sure the flowers look how you want them, prefer to use faux flowers, or if you want to save money, you can make them yourself. You can order the flowers online or buy them from your local craft store.

Photo Gifts

Photos make great gifts and if you are looking for the perfect sympathy gift for a family who has recently lost a loved one, they can be just what they need. You can make photos gifts yourself or you can order them online. You can find various booths at your local grocery store or printing store where you can see all the available gifts that you can make. You can add photos to mugs, blankets, pillows, and various other products. You can also print out photos in various different sizes and give them to the family to hang in their home or even display at the funeral home during the services.

Gift Baskets

It’s easy to make gift baskets yourself and it gives you more control over what you send to the family and how much money you spend. You can choose to send the gift basket to one family member or add items that the entire family can use. You can choose to add food, comfort items, and little things that you know the family will enjoy. You can even gift the basket a theme such as a movie night or snack basket.

funerals home in Lebanon, OR

If you are planning to attend funeral services at funerals home in Lebanon, OR and want to take a sympathy gift, you have the option to buy a gift from the store or make one yourself. You can make a variety of different gifts for an affordable price and also make them more personal. The above are just a few suggestions. If you are ready to plan funeral services and need some help, be sure to reach out to AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.