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DIY Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas For Cremation Services In Lebanon, OR

When it comes to choosing the best sympathy gifts to send to cremation services in Lebanon, OR, you may be wondering about your options. The sympathy gifts you send for cremation services may be different from what you would normally send to a funeral home. Since many cremation services don’t include a memorial service, the sympathy gift you send will go to the home of the deceased’s family. Gift baskets can be a good option and are easy to make on your own. Here are some ideas to help you come up with a theme for your gift basket.


When someone is grieving the loss of a loved one, they may just want to relax and find comfort. You can help them with that by creating a gift basket that is full of things that make them comfortable. You may want to add a blanket, slippers, soft socks, scented candles, and even some snacks to the gift basket. This is something they can take in their bedroom with them and use them to relax. You can think of other things that might bring comfort to the family and include them as well.

Family Activities

When a family loses a loved one, they want to spend as much time together as possible. Being close to each other and having each other nearby can help make the grieving process easier and help bring some happiness to the family. If you want to encourage the family to spend time together, you can make a gift basket that contains activities they can do together. You can include packs of cards, movies, board games, and even small craft projects. These things may also help keep the family distracted from their grief for a short time.


You can’t go wrong with a gift basket full of food and when you choose this theme you have a lot of options for filling it. You can find snacks that you know the family enjoys and add them to the basket. You can include things like chips, soda, cookies, candy, and jerky. You can also add a gift card to the family’s favorite restaurant. This will make it so they don’t have to cook or go grocery shopping and can be a nice way for them to get out of the house and spend some time together.

cremation services in Lebanon, OR

If you are looking for a DIY gift basket idea to send to a family for cremation services in Lebanon, OR, the above suggestions may be helpful. You can also come up with your own ideas that can make great gift baskets too. If you are ready to plan cremation services for a loved one, be sure to reach out to AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. We will help you plan the perfect funeral for a loved one and make sure the process is as easy as possible. Give us a call today.