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How To Deliver A Eulogy At Cremation Services In Corvallis, OR

Many people feel that cremation services are not as personal as funerals with memorial services and burials. If you are attending cremation services in Corvallis, OR for a loved one and want to give a eulogy to share your stories and memories of the deceased, you want to make sure you put in a lot of thought and deliver it successfully. Here are some tips that can help you deliver your eulogy better so it touches the family and friends who are attending the cremation and allows you to find some closure with the death of your loved one.

Speak Clearly

The most important thing you can do is speak clearly so your words are easily understood but those who are listening. It may not be easy to get through an emotional eulogy, and there may be times when you get chocked up or start to cry. If this happens, it’s okay to let your emotions show, but stop reading or giving the eulogy and let those feelings pass before you continue. This will allow you to deliver your eulogy completely and ensure everyone can hear it clearly.


You should always practice your eulogy before you read it. You can practice reading it quietly to yourself or you can even look in the mirror and practice how you will give it. You can also read it to your family and friends before the cremation service to ensure you are confident speaking in front of people and to get their feedback on anything you need to do differently or could do to make it better. It will also make you more confidant in your ability to read or remember the eulogy. Practice as often as possible and make any changes you see fit.

Write It Down

Don’t stress yourself out trying to remember the eulogy completely. If you are don’t think you can remember it or don’t want to try to memorize it, you can instead write it all down and read it directly from the paper when you give it. You can write or type it out completely or you can jot down a few short notes that will keep you on track and remind you of what you want to include. Many people prefer to read their eulogy and you can still speak from the heart by reading it instead of memorizing it.

cremation services in Corvallis, OR

If you are planning to attend cremation services in Corvallis, OR and want to give a eulogy, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind and include. If you are nervous about delivering it, you can keep the above tips in mind to help you feel more confidant. If you are ready to plan for cremation services for yourself or a loved one, be sure to reach out to the AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are here to help with all your funeral and cremation planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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Sympathy Gifts For Funeral Services In Corvallis, OR For Families To Use At Cemeteries

Most people like to give gifts to the families of a deceased person because it shows them that you are thinking of them and can help bring a little bit of cheer to their lives. If you are looking for a sympathy gift that you know the family will be able to use and won’t have to worry about taking home with them. You can choose something that they can use at the cemetery after they leave the funeral homes in Corvallis, OR. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Statues are a great option because they can make it easy to find your loved one’s headstone and also make great decorations. You can choose statues that are available in many different designs and shapes. You can find religious shapes, statues that look like animals, and even statues that correspond to a person’s career or hobbies. These things can be taken to the funeral home and then displayed at the cemetery. They can even be personalized with names and dates if you choose.

Faux Flower Arrangements

If you are looking for a way to add some beauty to a funeral or the cemetery, you can make your own faux flower arrangements. While many people choose to send real flowers to a funeral, they are expensive and they don’t last very long. If you would rather send something that will last a long time and that you can personalize yourself, you can choose faux flowers. You can order flowers online or you can find them at many craft stores. The flowers can be left at the cemetery as a decoration if desired and will withstand the rain and elements.

Bird Feeders

If you don’t like the idea of your loved one being at the cemetery alone or if you would like some company when you visit them, you may want to send a bird feeder as a gift to the family. The bird feeder can be displayed near the casket at the funeral and can even be decorated with flowers and ribbons to make it more stylish. After the funeral is over, the family can install it at the cemetery. It will make a nice decoration and attract birds and other animals to the burial site so the deceased is always surrounded by nature.

funeral homes in Corvallis, OR

If you have lost a friend or family member and want to send a sympathy gift to their next of kin, you should think about what they will get from others and what they can use. Don’t just send another pot of flowers, send them something they can use and that will last. Gifts that can be taken to the cemetery are a good option. The above are just a few options to keep in mind. You can also come up with your own. If you are ready to plan services at funeral homes in Corvallis, OR, be sure to call AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home for help. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs.

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Tips For Helping Children Deal With Grief At Funeral Homes In Albany, OR

Losing someone you care about can be devastating and even more so for children. Many children don’t have a lot of experience with loss and death and don’t know how to grieve properly. If you notice that your child is struggling to deal with a loss, you will want to step in and help them the best you can. That might not be easy but these tips can help you get through to them and ensure they are coping with the loss in a healthy way when leaving funeral homes in Albany, OR.

Be Supportive

The best thing you can do for your child is be there for them. Let them know that it is okay to feel sad and be upset and that they have a right to those feelings. You should also be able to tell if your child is having a hard time letting go of their loss and seems to be dwelling on it. It may take children longer to deal with the loss of a loved one but they should still be able to get over it within a reasonable amount of time. Stay supportive for your child but know when it’s time to seek help.

Ask Questions

If you don’t know why your child is struggling you can’t help them. It may be obvious that they are grieving but it can be hard to tell why they are having such a hard time getting over the loss after a reasonable period of time. Talk to your child to find out why they are so sad and what it is that keeps them from getting over their grief. They may not know how to explain it but will be able to answer your questions so you have an idea of how to help them.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes children can’t get over their grief even with the help of an adult. If this is your situation, you may need to find professional help for your child. You can find a therapist online who will meet with your child on video calls or chats, or you can find one who will meet with you in person and help your child on a more personal level. A therapist will have the experience and skills to get through to your child and determine if there are any other underlying issues that could be making it hard for your child to get over the loss of a loved one.

funeral homes in Albany, OR

If you notice your child is struggling more than normal over the loss of a loved one and you want to find a way to help him or her, be sure to consider some of the above tips. You can also try other things to see what works for you. If you are ready to plan services at funeral homes in Albany, OR, be sure to read out to the AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are happy to help with all your funeral planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Creative Options for Cremation Services

If you are planning to cremate your loved one, you will also need to decide what you are going to do with their remains once the cremation is complete. You can choose to keep the ashes in the urn or spread them in a place that was special to the deceased or means a lot to your family. If you are planning to spread the ashes, you may also be looking for a way to do so without harming the environment. Here are a few ways you can spread or save your loved one’s ashes while also protecting the environment after cremation services in Albany, OR

Bio-degradable Urns

If you are planning to spread your loved one’s ashes and only need a temporary urn, it’s best to choose one that is biodegradable. You won’t be keeping or displaying the urn so it doesn’t matter what it looks like. You will likely just throw it away when you are finished spreading your loved one’s ashes so it’s best to choose something that you know won’t be putting of hazardous fumes or be stuck in a landfill for hundreds of years while it breaks down. There are many different types of biodegradable urns to choose from.

Spread Them In The Water

If you are looking for a way to spread your loved one’s ashes in a specific place and don’t necessarily want to bury them or leave an urn, you can simple spread them in the water. You can use a temporary urn to transport the ashes to the water or even use the sealed back that ashes come in when they leave the crematory. Once you are finished with the urn, you can recycle it. If it is a biodegradable urn, you can throw it away and know that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Plant Them

If your deceased loved one enjoyed gardening or being around plants, you may want to add their ashes to the garden. You can even add them to a potted plant if you choose to ensure your loved one is kept in a safe place and you know where their ashes are. While the plant is growing, it will be absorbing nutrients from the soil and become a part of the plant. You can enjoy caring for the plant and knowing that your loved one is a part of it.

cremation services in Albany, OR

If you have lost a loved one and have decided that cremation services in Albany, OR are the right option for them and you, you may also be looking for a way to deal with that loved one’s ashes and ensure they are respected. If you are passionate about the environment, you will also want to choose options that are environmentally friendly. The above options are a few ways you can do that. You can also come up with some other ways to spread your loved one’s ashes. If you are ready to plan cremation services and need some help, be sure to reach out to AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. We are happy to help with all your cremation needs.